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Workout 2018 Volume 9: I have not given up yet!

Again, this is for me, encouragement to keep up my workout regimen. Usually I quit working out after I get sick, but this time I’m still going strong! 663 more words


Workout 2018 Volume 8: On my way to a better me...hopefully

My workout diary. This is pretty much for me and not anyone else.

Day 38: My sister came over and my stomach rebelled. These events are not related, but both kept me from working out. 347 more words


Belly Dancing Anyone?

In late November, I¬†gifted myself a seasons worth of introductory level ‘Belly Dancing’ classes. You see, treating myself is what I do during my month long celebration, and at the time, I was certain doing so would make the new year even more fun…I haven’t been disappointed yet! 584 more words

Aphrodite's Delights

Positive New Years Resolutions ......

I’m beached. I am stuck slumped on the sofa, bloated gut, unable to unfurl, and reading some of my fave bloggers. I’m waiting for the excesses of another ‘eating-as-many-left-overs-before-the-diet-starts’ supper to subside enough to enable me to move again. 531 more words

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Adventures With Shimmy Pt 2

I haven’t given it up yet

Day 4: I did yoga. I feel this is the best way to introduce something new–by interspersing it with something I know I can do. 764 more words


Adventures with Shimmy Pt 1

Shimmy If You Can

At my suggestion, my wife got me a couple workout videos for Solstice. She got Namaste Yoga Season 1 and Shimmy. I love Namaste Yoga, both seasons. 496 more words


Belly Dancing!

It was fun! I got to wear a tie on jingle skirt and I shook my hips plenty. I have little to no rhythm and I feel awkward AF. 76 more words