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A New friend on Clapper


ShirEl. I am going live on Saturdays from 9-10 AM. My live consists of a small bellydance lesson, discussing how the dance connects to spirituality practices like healing, meditation and manifestation, an occassional performance, and some guest appearances. 207 more words


Belly Dancing for Babes

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Increase your sex appeal game with belly dancing. Swivel your hips in the name of weight-loss. In the process, you will enhance your ability to dance in general. 232 more words

Healthy Living

Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned in Belly Dancing Class

A few years ago I came across Karen Scalf Linamen’s How to Have a Fabulous Life– No Matter What Comes Your Way. In it she writes: 597 more words

💃 10 Benefits of Belly Dancing 💃

“Your inner belly dancer…is your sensuality, your highest femininity, your great esteemed self made more apparent.”

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Everyone has a hobby, whatever you enjoy can be classed as a hobby.

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Insecurities beating down on me...

So yesterday, I spent the day at the mall&let me tell you that when I say anxiety is a bitch…ANXIETY IS A BITCH!!! Besides the social anxiety I suffer from, insecurities hit like a train when I saw how beautiful&perfect everyone else looked around me. 360 more words

Belly Dancing as Mindfulness of Body Practice

CN: gaslighting, internal ableism

Belly dancing is more than just exercise for me. It’s also a way to practice bodily awareness and trusting my perceptions of my body. 500 more words

Belly Dancing

Respecting Your Body

Since starting this page, I have been doing two things: first, I try to speak to myself the way I would speak to a follower on this page; second, I’ve been thinking a lot about respecting my body (as compared to loving or accepting it). 423 more words

Belly Dancing